Since 2016, Irène Laub Gallery exhibits established and emerging artists in Brussels and in a selection of international art fairs. Our represented artists are actively committed to questioning social, political and architectural spaces. They present a very diverse body of work – inculding installation, video, sculpture, painting and drawing – and display pure and powerful aesthetics. The gallery is intended as an adaptable experimentation space, allowing the artists to stretch the boundaries of their chosen discipline, either by testing and distorting the physical frame of the work itself, or by exploring its significance in the social sphere.

In 2018, the gallery moved to a new location and developed an ambitious exhibition programme, dedicated to further a productive dialogue between international artists, curators and institutions.







YIA Art Fair, Brussels (BE)


ART 021, Shanghaï (CN)
YIA Art Fair, Paris (FR)
YIA, Hors-les-Murs, Paris (FR)
Art Brussels, Brussels (BE)


Art Paris Art Fair, Paris (FR)


Art Brussels, Brussels (BE)
Live Performance Nirvana·Flesh – He Yunchang, BOZAR Museum, Brussels (BE)


Art Stage Singapore, Singapore (SG)



Tatiana WolskaWork in progress

Donato PiccoloInside Tesla, cur. by David Rosenberg

Li YiwenNo man’s land

Keen Souhlal, Li HongboSilent conversation, cur. by David Rosenberg

Raphael Denis, Chen YujunDynamics of sources

Boris Lafargue, Du Zhenjun – Hard rain


Pascal HaudressyScreens, cur. by David Rosenberg

Ye Linghan – Solo show

Chen Wei, Yang XinguangControl

Li Yiwen,Jiang Zhi – Painting and photography

Chen Yujun, Chen YufanMagnolia River / Unsettled


Shi JinsongIte Missa Est

Qin Ga – Cheap Body, cur. by Cui Cancan

He YunchangNirvana Flesh, cur. by Cui Cancan

Xiao Yu – Spur


Yang Qian – Fragment

He Yunchang, Cang Xin – Bodies (performance art in China)