Since 2017, Irène Laub gallery has been exhibiting established artists in its Brussels space and at a selection of international fairs. The gallery features several generations of Belgian and international artists who are either presented solo to offer an immersion into the heart of their practice, or brought together around themes linked to landscape, architecture and intimate or political identities.

The represented artists showcase a wide range of mediums. The gallery is conceived as a space for experimentation, enabling them to test the boundaries of their chosen discipline, by testing the physical nature of the work and its relationship to space, or by exploring the relevance of their creations in the social sphere.

In 2018, the gallery moved to a new location and devoted itself to developing a demanding and ambitious exhibition program, aimed at promoting a fruitful dialogue between artists, curators and institutions.





je dois vous dire que Tarzan n’a pas écrit Le Livre de la jungle et Mowgli n’a pas couché avec Jane. – Gauthier Hubert

Voyageurs Immobiles – Lucile Bertrand and François Réau

Écologies Intimes – Dorota Buczkowska, Sandra Lecoq and Tatiana Wolska

Tout est là – Bernard Villers


Salted Peelings – Esther Gaton and Gudny Rosa Ingimarsdottir

Le Pas Suspendu – Younes Baba-Ali, Lucile Bertrand, Rui Calçada Bastos, Eirene Efstathiou, Michèle Magema, Pedro A.H Paixão (cur. by Cécile Bourne-Farrell)

Garden Paths – Michèle Magema (cur. by Julie Crenn)

Meta-morphosis – Tatiana Wolska

Souvenirs – Stijn Cole


Upright – Rui Calçada Bastos (cur. by Gregory Lang)

A day with you – Guillermo Mora

Tense Release Stretch – José Pedro Croft

Singular Plural Fernanda Fragateiro

The intimate consciousness of timeStijn Cole, Gauthier Hubert, Gudny Rosa Ingimarsdottir, Athina Ioannou, Guillermo Mora and Bernard Villers


Work in progressTatiana Wolska

Inside Tesla – Donato Piccolo (cur. by David Rosenberg)

No man’s landLi Yiwen

Silent conversation – Keen Souhlal, Li Hongbo (cur. by David Rosenberg)

Dynamics of sources – Raphael Denis, Chen Yujun

Hard rain – Boris Lafargue, Du Zhenjun


Screens – Pascal Haudressy (cur. by David Rosenberg)

Solo show – Ye Linghan

Control – Chen Wei, Yang Xinguang

Painting and photography – Li Yiwen, Jiang Zhi

Magnolia River / Unsettled – Chen Yujun, Chen Yufan


Ite Missa Est – Shi Jinsong

Cheap Body – Qin Ga (cur. by Cui Cancan)

Nirvana Flesh – He Yunchang (cur. by Cui Cancan)

Spur – Xiao Yu


Fragment – Yang Qian

Bodies – He Yunchang, Cang Xin (performance art in China)



Drawing Now (FR)

Art Brussels (BE)

Ballroom Project (BE)

Art on Paper (BE)

Art Antwerp (BE)


Art Brussels (BE) – online edition

Ballroom project / Antwerp Art Weekend (BE) – online edition

Limited Edition Art Fair (BE)

Drawing Now (FR) – online edition


YIA Art Fair, Brussels (BE)


ART 021, Shanghaï (CN)
YIA Art Fair, Paris (FR)
YIA, Hors-les-Murs, Paris (FR)
Art Brussels, Brussels (BE)


Art Paris Art Fair, Paris (FR)


Art Brussels, Brussels (BE)
Live Performance Nirvana·Flesh – He Yunchang, BOZAR Museum, Brussels (BE)


Art Stage Singapore, Singapore (SG)