Art on Paper 2018

BOZAR, Brussels (BE)



Irène Laub Gallery is pleased to announce its participation to Art on Paper 2018, from 6.09.18 to 9.09.18. We will present a solo show of Roeland Tweelinckx on booth 17.

Open from Thursday 6.09 until Sunday 9.09, 11am – 7pm


While Roeland Tweelinckx (b. 1970, Duffel) is well-known for his three-dimensional creations – sculptures, installations and interventions – he also has a deep connection with paper. His father was a printer, and he grew up in the family printing shop, playing and experimenting with paper. As a child and then as a teenager, he always had a sheet of paper at the ready, drawing, making paper shoes and pistols, or creating model houses.

Tweelinckx studied print-making at the Academy of Antwerp and was invited to several art residencies at the Frans Masereel Centrum in Kasterlee (BE) and the International Centre of Graphic Arts in Ljubljana (SL).

Today, paper is still omnipresent in his production. To him, the process of creation, the genesis of the work is as important as the finished product itself. His sketches often become artworks in their own right. Paper is also a perfect medium for his practice of choice : playing with perception. Roeland Tweelinckx often duplicates reality, creating subtle changes in form or material : a nail taped to a sheet of paper looks real but is actually a reproduction, a creased silk paper reveals itself to be a print… The artist also plays with expectations, subverting the laws of physics : a metal beam is miraculously balanced on a chair, reversing the standard relationship between an architectural structure and an object created to support the human body. His work makes you doubt your own eyes and take a second glance. Roeland Tweelinckx subverts the ordinary, using discreet but precise visual and conceptual twists, and those small alterations have the power to change the way we look at our surroundings, at everyday objects that were always taken for granted.


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