Born in 1970 in Rio de Janeiro (BR)
Lives and works between Lisbon (PT) and Brussels (BE)


Eduardo Matos’ works intersect the languages of  image/video/sculpture with the spatial and interactive three dimensionality of the installation. In his site-specific works, he recreates and deconstructs the simulation of a game that contains aesthetic, social, political, and geographic and identity metaphors. He collects elements and remnants from the civil universe- its codes, laws and rules, events and history- that he uses to fill up a space, in a composition, that attempts to establish a relation amongst them. These are not narratives or descriptions but disrupted images, which build up realities and question the organizational, management and learning processes that are part of modern democratic society.


Fernando Ribeiro (PT)

Collections MG – Jorge Gaspar and Ana Marin (PT)

Foundation Ilídio Pinho (PT)

Foundation PLMJ (PT)

Museum of Neo-Realism  (PT)

Vila Franca De Xira, Lisbon district (PT)

Collections Paulo Mendes (PT)

University of Porto (PT)

University of Minho (PT)

Avelino Marin Meroño (ES)

Several private Collections



Throat / Keel, SECONDroom, Antwerp (BE)

Cap. B e C. The Intruders and Without Electricity, Pedro Oliveira Gallery Porto (PT)


Kanal – Together with André Cepeda and the participation of Luís Lopes, Standard / Deluxe, Gallery, Lausanne (CH)


Lamp Explanation, A dialogue between Eduardo Matos & André Cepeda, Pedro Oliveira Gallery Porto (PT)


Museu Peça I, cur by David Santos, Museu do Neo-Realismo, Vila-Franca de Xira (PT)


The Butterflies Hunter, cur by Natxo Checa, ZDB Gallery, Lisbon (PT)


Table, Quadrado Azul Gallery, Lisbon (PT)


One more day, cur by Carla Filipe and Isabel Ribeiro, Apêndice Project, Oporto (PT)


Europa, cur by Miguel Amado and Felipa Oliveira,  Espaço AC, Lisbon (PT)

To Drag – Quadrado Azul Gallery, Oporto (PT)


Diamond, cur by Paulo Mendes, In-transit Project, Oporto (PT)

Eduardo Matos, cur by José Maia, Pêssego prá_semana, Oporto (PT)

The stars turn into stripes forever, Salão Olímpico, Oporto (PT)



BF16 Photography Biennial, cur by  David Santos, VFX Lisbon (PT)

L`Histoire de la Croquette, NGHE CYCLE 3 BRUXELLES VILLES, Médiathèque Subjective, Brussels (BE)

Reliquia cadavere, cur by Dorota Lukianska and Cora Piantoni, Galerry der Künstler at MaximiliansForum, Munich (DE)

IF YOU TELL A STORY YOU ADD MORE, cur by  Dorota Lukianska and Cora Piantoni, BINZ39 Foundation, Zürich (CH)


Afterimages (Against the tyranny of the eye), Cur by Miguel von Hafe Pérez, at Pedro Oliveira Gallery Porto (PT)

Souvenirs from Europe, Cur by GHOST, CGAC (Galiçia Contemporary Art Center, Santiago de Compostela, (ES)


Buildings and remnants. Essay-project on post-industrial spaces, cur by Inês Moreira and Aneta Szylak,  Guimarães European Capital of Culture 2012, Guimarães (PT)

Alternativa 2012, cur by Inês Moreira, International Visual Arts Festival, Wyspa Institute of Art, Gdansk (PL)

Collecting Collections and Concepts, curator Paulo Mendes, Collecting Collections and Concepts, Guimarães European Capital of Culture 2012, Guimarães (PT)

Kanal, cur by Jean Louis Godfroid, Espace Photographique Contretype, Brussels (BE)


Ceci n’est pas une rétrospective IN. TRANSIT + W.C. CONTAINER (1999-2009), cur by Paulo Mendes, Galeria Padaria, Oporto (PT)


Local Worlds – spaces, visibility and cross-cultural flows, cur by Lúcia Marques, Lagos Cultural Center, Algarve (PT)

Where Are You From, cur by Lesley Wright,   Faulconer Gallery, Grinnell College, Iowa (USA)


Anti Monuments, cur by Miguel Von Hafe Pérez,  António Henriques Gallery, Viseu (PT)


Intro, cur by Eduardo Matos and André Cepeda, Espace Photographique Contretype, Brussels (BE)

Traces, Quadrado Azul Gallery, Oporto (PT)

Invisible Cities: Works in the PLMJ Foundation Collection, Architecture Faculty of Lisbon / Lisbon Architecture Trienal / PLMJ Foundation (PT)

Notes on Density and Knowledge, cur by Paulo Cunha e Silva, Edifício da Reitoria, Oporto University (PT)


Busca Pólos, cur  by Salão Olímpico, Centro de Portugal Pavillion, Coimbra / Serralves Museum of Contemporary Art, Oporto (PT)

Busca Pólos, cur by Salão Olímpico,  Vila Flor Cultural Center, Guimarães (PT)

Portuguese screen / Video Art show case, cur by Paulo Mendes,  Chiado Museum, Lisbon (PT)

Options & future, cur by Miguel Amado, Obras na Colecção da Fundação PLMJ, Galeria AC – Lisboa (PT)


Portuguese screen – Video Art show case, Barcelona Video Art Festival, Barcelona (ES)

In Fracture – collision of territories, cur by Sandra Vieira Jurgen, Inês Moreira, Paulo Mendes Projecto Terminal – Hangar K7, Oeiras (PT)


No princípio era a viagem, Miguel Von Hafe Pérez, David Pontes, 28ª Bienal de Pontevedra (ES)


The stars turn into stripes forever, Com Renato Ferrão, Salão Olímpico, Porto (PT)


Lost in Music, Independent project of fine arts “Too drunk to fuck” by João Fonte Santa, Lisbon (PT)

I like it here can I stay, cur by José Maia, ZDB Gallery, Lisbon (PT)

To play and the Monkey Business, cur by Eduardo Matos,  Artemosferas, Oporto (PT)


Ancoragem, Galeria Glória VazFelgueiras (PT)

 Norht by Norhtwest, cur by Eduardo Matos, Gustavo Sumpta Caldeira 213, Oporto (PT)


The Drawing in FBAUP, Fundação Cupertino de Miranda, Vila Nova Famalicão (PT)


a Sul, Spatium Gallery, Tavira (PT)

a Sul, Arco & Tren, Faro Municipal Galleries, Faro (PT)