Born in 1988 in Valladolid Spain (ES)
Lives and works between Madrid (ES) and London (GB)

In the work of Esther Gatón, the sensuality of grafting is propagated through her artisanal technique. Disparate materials are brought together, the gaps between them narrowed in a trope-like game of seduction in which organic and osseous forms appear as a reaction to the surroundings, while also being reflected as a stimulus, being placed and assuming their position within a material history of both past and present circumstances. Skin grafting: poetic transplants of marked and reactive material, of speech embodied, and skins that become tropes. Reddened, shiny and wrinkled, with bruises and scars that are infected, contorted and embellished, material surfaces are a simile and hyperbole for what surrounds them.



SLURP, GLUG, Luis Adelantado Gallery, Valencia (ES)


ARENA, with Ana de Fontecha and Florence Sweeney, Espositivo, Madrid (SP)

​Abrigo La Nuca, Galería Aldama Fabre, Bilbao (SP)

Las virtudes, Museo Patio Herreriano, Valladolid (SP)


MANERAS / Oh, how we need a new language to go with our new bodies!, Gextoarte, Bilbao (SP)

​Sombra de Ojos with Julián Cruz​. Galería Javier Silva, Valladolid (SP)


19 with editorial cientodieciocho, Estudio Mendoza, Madrid (SP)

Tsk with Andrea Beade​, Galería h2o, Barcelona (SP)



El hecho alegre. Una mecánica popular de los sentidos, cur. by Tania Pardo, La Casa Encendida Madrid (SP)


Six Memos, cur. by Branka Bencic, Bridge Gallery in St George Hall, Liverpool (UK)

Dazzling Encounters, cur. by Cristina Herráiz, Sanderson Hotel, London (UK)

The one that´s always there, the one that came late, the one that never arrived, the one that wasn´t invited, SB34-The Pool, Brussels (BE)

Extended Spaces, curated by Sérgio Fazenda Rodrigues. Irène Laub Gallery, Brussels (BE)

Rocks radio radar long wave radiation, cur. by Cristina Ramos, The Watch, Berlin (DE)
Mensaje de Arecibo, cur. by D11, Etopía Centro de Arte y Tecnología, Zaragoza (SP)

​Circuitos XXIX, cur. by Bernardo Sopelana. Sala de Arte Joven, Madrid (SP)


Six Memos, cur. by Branka Bencic. Labirynt Gallery, Lublin (POL)

​SWAB,​ ​with Espositivo. Barcelona (SP)

CALL20, Galería Luis Adelantado, Valencia  (SP)

​Six Memos, cur. by Branka Bencic, Sala Las Francesas, Valladolid  (SP)

Lo Digerido, cur. by Dalia de la Rosa​, Espacio Dörffi, Lanzadore  (SP)

​No es lo que aparece, Premio Miquel Casablancas​ Fabra i Coats Centre d’Art Contemporani,  Barcelona (SP)

​Molto Molto Fuori, Casabanchel, Madrid (SP)


Cardar la lana, Espositivo, Madrid (SP)

​Haciendo Días, CENTEX, Valparaíso (CH)

​Grasping a Concept is Mastering the Use of a Form, La Casa Encendida, Madrid (SP)


Laboratorio intránsit cartec, Madrid (SP)

​Exposición Fronteiras e Estados de Sitio, Biblioteca Río Grande, Brasil (BR)

​Creadores Inquietos, Sala Municipal Las Francesas, Valladolid (SP)


Premio Cátedra Árte y Enfermedades, UPV, Valencia (SP)


Janos, The Inmaterial Worker, Centro de arte complutense, Madrid (SP)

Entre el reflejo, Entreacto, Galería Espacio Mínimo, Madrid (SP)


Projectes Germinals, Sala 0 Museo Picasso, Barcelona (SP)

Carne Fresca, El Ranchito, Matadero, Madrid (SP)