Emil Lime

Solo show
Museo CA2M, Móstoles (ES)

Esther Gatón


Emil Lime is an exhibition by Esther Gatón curated by Cory John Scozzari. The project articulates forms, techniques and interests recurrent in Gatón’s practice, such as the construction of ambiguous settings, amateur science, visual artifices and the intersections between femininity and machinery, orchestrated together into one single installation.

One of the original stimuli for the exhibition was the local funfair and, more particularly, the pirate boat ride which swings passengers back and forth around a central pendulum. The swinging motion is mirrored in the palindrome of the title of the exhibition, Emil Lime, which reads the same in either direction. Gatón’s interest in popular spectacles is related with an attraction towards instability, fear, adrenaline and the forms in which these emotions are expressed, both in the body of the visitor as well as in society as a whole.

For Gatón, this excessive and reckless spirit acts in parallel to the economic history of Spain in the early-2000s, associated with the neoliberalization of the economy, the construction boom and the political value attributed to consuming and excess. A trajectory that was interrupted by the downturn of 2008, a crucial year in which Museo CA2M itself was opened.

Curator : Cory John Scozzari



Opening Saturday 18.02.23
Tuesday to Sunday, 11am > 9pm
Exhibition until Sunday 21.05.23

Centro de Arte Dos de Mayo
Avda. Constitución 23
28931 Móstoles,Madrid (ES)


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