Vanderborght Building, Brussels (BE)


Diogo Pimentão is presented by Galería RocioSantaCruz, Irène Laub Gallery and untilthen. Discover three performances by the artist on Vendredi 6.09.19, Platform 7, at 13:15-13:35, 16:00-16:20 and 17:45-18:05.

Here is an instroduction to the 3 distinct performances that will occur at 3 different moments on Saturday :

• Fraction (action), 2019.
A paper cube (50x50x50cm) is displayed on the floor, inside the cube there are bits and pieces of graphite. A drawing is activated inside that paper cube by the movements of a body holding it with two hands and shaking it in space. The noise from the impacts of the graphite on the paper become audible, a relation between what is visible and what is sensed is created and, improvised by the performer. After exhaustion the cube is slowly unfolded and installed flat on the closest wall. The drawing is revealed to the audience and to the performer.

• Inter/ Section, 2019.
A sheet of paper between 5 and 7m per 2m is rolled and installed standing on the floor, forming a column shape of 2m. This column is then transformed in that space, manipulated by the performer: from inside and outside, opened to it’s maximum length, changing shape, being walked on… And folded into a vertical shape, with the help of a graphite stick, leaning against a wall.

• Trajectory, 2019.
A large paper airplane is folded, with the help of a graphite stick. It is then thrown into the air, horizontally, diagonally, vertically, flying throughout the designated performance space. After some throws into the air and consequent fall on the floor the performer chooses a moment to unfold the paper airplane and displays it on the closest wall.



A Performance Affair (APA) is a dynamic platform for performance art that stimulates discussions and discourse around the economies of performance. APA aims to provide a full spectrum of relevant content to a public audience while offering artists, gallerists, curators, and collectors an arena in which to discuss the unique challenges that surround this sector and play.
Following The Panopticon, APA’s inaugural edition last September, this second edition entitled: re:production will transform the second and third floors of the Vanderborght Building in Brussels into an open space designed for artists and their collaborators to present new and historical works to the public, including potential collectors, in a wide range of formats. re:production will attempt to determine the key elements necessary to perform, transcribe, document, transfer ownership and restage a performance.

Adam Budak, chief curator of the National Gallery (Prague, Czech Republic)
Ellen de Bruijne, gallerist (Amsterdam, The Netherlands)
Aaron Cezar, founding director of Delfina Foundation (London, UK)
Frédéric de Goldschmidt, collector (Brussels, Belgium)
Iordanis Kerenidis & Piergiorgio Pepe, collectors (Paris, France)
ORLAN, artist (Paris, France)
Chantal Pontbriand, art curator, critic, and art consultant (Montreal, Canada)


More info about A Performance Affair here.