Exhibition view of "Nowhere Beyond", 2016, Irène Laub Gallery (BE)


Duo Show
Irène Laub Gallery, Brussels (BE)

by Théo-Mario Coppola


What are we asked to see beyond the boundaries of our world? Our longing for unexplored and imperceptible things is a phantasm of our murky desires. We are constantly advancing in our quest for elsewhere, excess, exceedence. And we face the shameful improbability of not living the life we nevertheless believe possible. Live more, live elsewhere, live differently … so many desires to transform our lives. With every spoken desire, we challenge the complex and brutal idea of the impossible. Beyond is the magnetic sign of our existence under pressure. We are rocked by violent waves, asphyxiated behind thick walls, battered by the narrow partitions of existence. Yet, all around us, enclosures, fences, borders, walls, mountains force the eye to gaze even further and hinder the body in its wanderings. We have explored the earthly world, continue to scan the depths of oceans but our desire now reaches to the adventure of the stars. We are already dreaming of another planet. The Earth has become a narrow corridor, a cosmopolitan antechamber where we meet, brush against each other, and stare at each other. Tatiana Wolska presents a total vision of space, a labyrinthine projection; an invitation to wander.

Around the installation, made of scrap wood, perspectives, open like windows on the horizon, invite the contemplation of the magnetic heavens of the series L’air de rien by Jérôme Robbe in which the swellings, varnishes, drips, alterations create sinuous forms that blend with reflections of the matrix.The first suggests the second and the latter, in turn, reflects its deformed double. In these mirrors, we reflect upon ourselves. The answer to the experienced contingency lies primarily in the very awareness of our environment. We must look at what we are offered at first sight, touch what is close at hand, listen to the echo of our steps. For if we are able to understand the limits of our world, we will also be able to re-enchant our desires, control our aspirations. We must now unreservedly believe in our present so as to no longer vainly hope for what is hidden. Nowhere Beyond is not a cynical prophecy but rather an exhortation to love what we see, to praise what we perceive in the essential joy of the present. In the accumulations of Tatiana Wolska or the abstract skies of Jérôme Robbe, the surface of things is even richer than the promise of elsewhere.


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