Art Rotterdam 2018

Van Nelle Fabriek, Rotterdam (NL)



Irène Laub Gallery is pleased to announce its participation to Art Rotterdam 2018, from 08.02.18 to 11.02.18.

We will present Jessica Lajard‘s artworks in the New Art Section, on booth n°13.

“I’m amazed by the variety of applying galleries from all over Europe and by the willingness to make a bold statement. Something very much needed in the vast amount of fairs offered these days.

Which presentations in the New Art Section I’m looking forward to? There are a few, including Jessica Lajard (Irene Laub Gallery, Brussels), Mary-Audrey Ramirez (Martinetz, Cologne), Malte Masemann (Tobias Naehring, Leipzig) and Sofia Goscinski (Unttld Contemporary, Vienna). Those four artists show a very interesting twist in their presentations.”

Interview of Patrick C. Haas,
curator of the New Art Section


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