…fils de… (Les retrouvailles)

Solo show
Le Botanique, Brussels (BE)

Gauthier Hubert


In this second chapter, Gauthier Hubert breaks down the bonds of his previous exhibition and completely changes its meaning by removing everything which does not relate to people. Here, he slips in new portraits to complete the related faces already presented in the first part of the exhibition. This portrait gallery allows the artist to paint an entirely different picture, a different genealogy and yet still a family reunion.



« tempête dans un verre d’eau » at Irène Laub Gallery
OPENING on 3.09.20 from 3pm to 9pm
Exhibition from 4.09 to 17.10

« réunions familiales (un goût de liberté) » at Botanique
OPENING on 02.09.20
Exhibition from 3.09 to 27.09

« …fils de… (Les retrouvailles) » at Botanique
OPENING on 14.10.20
Exhibition from 15.10 to 15.11


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