Group show
Emergent, Veurne (BE)

Stijn Cole
Bernard Villers


We are delighted to present works by Stijn Cole and Bernard Villers on the occasion of Emergent Invites.

Stijn Cole is a multidisciplinary artist based in Ghent, Belgium. His practice draws on the relationship between the subject and its natural environment. Through a process that layers analog and digital art forms, Cole often works with the fluctuating impact of time and light on sections of a specific landscape. In combining these altered states of nature in single compositions, Cole speaks of intangible and expansive phenomena confronted by subjective and limited viewpoints.

Bernard Villers is a Belgian artist with a playful, poetic and minimal practice. The materials are deliberately chosen for their properties, the gestures are clearly visible and few in number, the decisions are uncompromising. He explores and questions the traditional relationship between support and color, revealing a true symbiotic relationship and fostering an equal dialogue. The lines are clear and there is no evasion: what you see is what there is, the limitations are shown with a formidable openness.

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Opening Sunday 30.10, 3pm > 7pm
Visit the exhibition Saturdays to Sundays, 2pm > 6pm
and on Fridays during school holidays
(closed on 25.12 and 01.01)

Grote Markt, 26
8630 Veurne (BE)


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