Duo show
Chaussée de Forest 142, Brussels (BE)

Gauthier Hubert & Guðný Rósa Ingimarsdóttir


“Anyone lucky enough to have visited maison à vendre (2015), the exhibition by Guðný Rósa Ingimarsdóttir and Gauthier Hubert that took place over 15 days in a derelict bourgeois house on rue Dautzenberg, remembers it vividly. With rare acuity and subtle balance, the two artists established a double dialogue. One was based on their very different works, while the other revolved around the layers and traces of the different occupants of the space. This established a diffracted relationship with time, a sensitive experience of memory that spoke volumes about the working process of the two artists. An interview about the issues
at work behind this type of productive displacement.” – Pascale Viscardy

The two artists present “SQUAT”, a new duo exhibition this April in Brussels.


PRESS: Genius Loci, Pascale Viscardy in Flux News, 24.01.24 (FR)



Opening Thursday 11.04.24, 5pm > 8pm
Visit the exhibition:
Friday 12.04, 2pm > 6pm
Saturday 13.04, 2pm > 6pm
Sunday 14.04, 2pm > 6pm
Friday 19.04, 2pm > 6pm
Saturday 20.04, 2pm > 6pm
Sunday 21.04, 2pm > 6pm
Thursday 25.04, 2pm > 6pm – special opening during Art Brussels
Friday 26.04, 2pm > 6pm
Saturday 27.04, 2pm > 6pm
Sunday 28.04, 2pm > 6pm

Chaussée de Forest 142
1060, Brussels (BE)


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