Some things . . .

Solo show
Iselp, Bruxelles (BE)



The art center ISELP welcomes Icelandic artist Gudny Rosa Ingimarsdottir for her first major retrospective exhibition in Belgium.

Gudny Rosa Ingimarsdottir (1969, Reykjavik) develops a universe that borders the living and the sensitive, the real and the fantasized. A subtle world combining form and shapeless, technicality and finesse, where the thinking body is subjected to inner emotions and external stimuli; this duality that constitutes our humanity as much as the necessary need for otherness.

The artist’s work offers us a break, a contemplation, in a society with a frenetic pace. The work lives at the rhythm of thoughts, at the rhythm of time and can only be understood over time. There is no sudden change in fashion or character, the artist continues his path, moment after moment, meditating.


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