Sí pero no

Solo show
Centre Pompidou Málaga (ES)

Guillermo Mora


For his first exhibition at Centre-Pompidou Málaga on the occasion of the MaF-Málaga Festival, Guillermo Mora created a specific-site installation.

“Sí pero no” is a series of three large-format paintings created in-situ. The proposal ‘Yes but no’ aims to destroy the most obvious layers of the painting through superimposition, concealment and subsequent tearing and unveiling. What was hidden underneath is revealed. At the same time, it puts into practice other mechanisms that are constant in the artist’s work, such as the unpredictable, casual, mutant and accidental. This work challenges the idea of painting as a mere contemplative window and allows us to question the hierarchy of surface and background, using the paper overlay and tear technique to remove material and reveal the background of the painting. What lies hidden comes to light. Guillermo Mora also puts into practice other constant mechanisms in the artist’s work such as the unpredictable, casual, mutant, and accidental.



Opening Friday 17.02.23
Monday to Sunday, 9.30am > 8pm
Closed on Tuesday
Exhibition until Sunday 12.03.23

Centre Pompidou Málaga
Pasaje Doctor Carrillo Casaux s/n
29016 Muelle Uno, Puerto de Málaga


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