Les Marcel – Collection R.PATT

Group show
Botanique - Centre Culturel de la Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles, Brussels (BE)

Gudny Rósa Ingimarsdóttir


Marcel Mariën, Marcel Duchamp, Marcel Broodthaers, Marcel Vandeweyer… one Marcel always hides another! Here an engraving, there an object, there again a painting: Marcel rhymes with carousel. By dint of finding this name in their collection, Chantal and Serge R. Patt have turned it into a game. With as much love as humour, they wanted to honour this cherished name. Their collection has thus found its greatest playground at the Botanique, which presents all their historical pieces in an intuitive, sensitive and joyful dialogue with a selection of their contemporary works. Marcel is dynamite! Come and play: the more Marcel, the merrier.



Opening Wednesday 24.05.23, 6pm > 9pm
Wednesdays to Sundays, 12am > 6pm
Until Sundays 30.07.23

Rue Royale 236
1210 Bruxelles (BE)



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