La courbure de l’horizon

Group show
Galerie LRS52, Liège (BE)

Bernard Villers

The horizon is a line that is located according to a point of view between the visible and the invisible beyond the perceptible. Many artists have explored this imaginary boundary that shifts as we approach it, whether physically or metaphorically. The exhibition brings together the works of 24 artists from different generations and disciplines (installation, sculpture, photography, drawings, visual poetry).

Curator : Daniel Dutrieux.


With : Mohammed ALANI, Priscilla BECCARI, Jean-Paul BROHEZ, Véronique CAYE, Thomas A Clark, Michel COUTURIER, Peter DOWNSBROUGH, Daniel DUTRIEUX, Francis ÉDELINE, Benoit FÉLIX, Ian HAMILTON FINLAY, Heinz GAPPMAYR, Pierre GARNIER, Alain JANSSENS, Bernadette KLUYSKENS, Robert LAX, Barbara & Michael LEISGEN, Daniel LOCUS, Sabrina MONTIEL-SOTO, Hélène PETITE, Gaspard STRUELENS, Bernard VILLERS, Lawrence WEINER



Opening 25.09.22
Thursday to Saturday, 3pm > 6pm
until Sunday 23.10.22

Galerie LRS52
Rue Lairesse, 52
4020 Liège (BE)


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