Galerie Erg Galerie

Group show
erg galerie, Brussels (BE)

Bernard Villers


In 1978, the School of Graphic Research, which had been set up just under five years earlier, began occupying a space on the rue de la Régence opposite the Sablon church. Under the impetus of Elisabeth Barmarin, the school’s director at the time, and following collective discussions organised by the students, this space, soberly entitled galerie erg, was organised on a self-management basis by the students, who took charge of its renovation, programming and management.

This experimental ‘institution’, which acted as a sort of micro-institutional mirror of the teaching methods used at the school, was to develop an original programme over a period of around 5 years, until 1982, mostly involving projects by students, but also by teachers and people from outside the school.

This exhibition is not, strictly speaking, a history or archives exhibition. Its aim is to seize on documents, objects and images to identify motifs, rhythms and intensities. It is constructed like a score, with one or more scripts activated on each day, projecting history into the present like a boomerang effect.



Opening Monday 20.11.23
From Monday to Sunday, 11am > 8pm
Until Sunday 26.11.23

erg galerie
87 rue du Page
1050 Brussels (BE)


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