Dialecto CA2M

Group show
Centro de Arte 2 de mayo (CA2M), Madrid (ES)

Guillermo Mora

The Centro de Arte 2 de Mayo (CA2M) hosts from October 22nd to January 9th an exhibition of contemporary art with more than 400 works by 250 artists that for the first time occupy all the spaces of the art gallery.

The pieces are displayed on various floors of the building and are organized in series of narratives still under construction and through several open segments that adress three main principles.

The first is based on the CA2M’s own collection, presenting it as an art gallery that changes at every moment and that is continually transforming, like art, it is in perpetual evolution. The second is a summary of the historical narratives that are elaborated in museums through their ways of expressing culture. Finally, the exhibition showcases creations produced in the local sphere through a set of practices on the political, social and cultural context of the Community of Madrid.

In addition, the exhibition starts from the historical avant-garde with all the authors who accompanied Picasso in the ’37 Pavilion and goes up to the present. It also features many compositions that had never been seen before. Thus, the exhibition is a celebration of the museum concept that the founders of CA2M held in mind since its very beginning.


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