Despintando Rojo

Solo show
Museo Ruso, Málaga (ES)

Guillermo Mora

Guillermo Mora installed the site-specific artwork ‘Despintando rojo’ at Museo Ruso, as part of the MaF – Málaga de Festival.
The starting point for ‘Despintando Rojo’ is the work ‘Red Square’ painted by Kazimir Malevich in 1915 (a pictorial realism rendering of a peasant woman in two dimensions)). Many are interested in revealing what Malevich’s ‘Red Square’ and ‘Black Square’ hide behind their layers. Guillermo Mora’s interpretation is a large red square created through a system of superimposing papers fixed to the wall with staples and then torn off, interweaving background and surface. The torn papers reveal small details of the wall, giving rise to new graphics and a new way of understanding painting.



Opening Friday 17.02.23
Tuesday to Sunday, 9.30am > 8pm

Museo Ruso
Av. Sor Teresa Prat N)15 Edificio de Tabacalera
29003 Málaga (ES)


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