ATLAS. Capítulo 2

Group show
ThaHouse, Madrid (ES)

Guillermo Mora

ATLAS. Capítulo 2 is a space for reflection, debate and meeting around painting. A plural and open platform that aims to encourage dialogue between painters, critics and the public. An honest presentation of the here and now of the painting that accompanies and surrounds us.

Curated by Jordi Rigol & Luisa Fraile.

Artists: Irma Alvarez Laviada, Jesús Crespo, Paloma Gámez, Guillermo Mora, Martina Rodriguez Morán.


Opening Thursday 08.02.24
Thursdays and Fridays, 4.30pm > 7.30pm
Saturdays, 11am > 2pm
Until Sunday 25.02.24

calle Antonio López 58
28019 Madrid (ES)


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