Irène Laub Gallery, Brussels (BE)

Bernard Villers

As part of Bernard Villers first solo show “THROUGH” at the gallery, Irène Laub is glad to welcome you to a talk between the artist and Belgian writter and curator Cécile Vandernoot.
RDV at the gallery on Sunday February 9th, at 11.30am.
Bernard Villers is a Belgian artist born in 1939 in Brussels.
“The varied forms of the found objects gleaned by the artist are ready-mades that he appropriates, diverts and transcends through painting to profoundly displace our pre-conceived notions about contemporary art.” – Cécile Vandernoot

Cécile Vandernoot is an architect and writer.
In 2018, she was co-curator of Bernard Villers’ solo show « La couleur manifeste » at Botanique.


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