3rd Wandering Arts Biennal

Solo show
Saskia Gevaert, Brussels (BE)

Gudny Rosa Ingimarsdottir

Gudny Rosa Ingimarsdottir presents a residency and exhibition at Saskia Gevaert, supported by the Embassy of Iceland in Brussels.
She will show the results of a fascinating original project that takes its roots in 1987, centered around the rediscovery and sharing of hidden memories.

“starting points to time travels: a box of responding letters to those now missing.
recovering stories of places, sharing of moments and/or actions.
reconnecting with individuals now absent or changed.
rediscovering people still close and those with whom paths have now parted.
following a timeline.
the year of ’87.
the year i left my language almost unspoken.”
– Gudny Rosa Ingimarsdottir


Opening 10.11.18 at 5pm.
Discover the exhibition on 16.11, 24.11, 30.11 and 08.12, from 2pm until 6pm, or by appointment (saskia.gevaert@gmail.com).




This project is part of the Wandering Arts Biennial (WAB), which is a research and production biennial that focuses on versatile production and presentation methods in the field of contemporary arts, and the nomadic practices of artists.

After two editions that strongly focused on the participating artists and their researches and on strengthening their network, we find it is time to open up the biennial to the Brussels cultural sector.
In order to anticipate this ambition, nadine invited artist Mira Sanders and curator Maud Salembier to set out a framework for this year’s edition of the WAB and to share their networks.

This year’s edition of the WAB focuses on the following questions formulated by Mira Sanders: “let’s eflect upon the idea of “wandering along a limit(s)” (that can be political, historical, cultural, social, physical or geographical). The question that follows is, “how can you form (an) image(s) of a wandering along (a) limit(s)?”

WAB reached out to other partners in the Brussels cultural field to join the platform and organise activities that nourish this year’s focus.


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