Group show
Les Tanneries, Centre d'art contemporain, Amilly (FR)

Michèle Magema


The exhibition WE ARE brings together works that question, through intimacy modes of exploitation, oppression and submission, many of which are embedded in society, part of the society, part of our daily environment, although we are only aware of those to which we are of those to which we are exposed. The sociologist Max Weber has shown that one one of the main features of domination is that it requires legitimacy in order to ensure its continuity. The invitation is extended to eleven visual artists who, with their singularities and the vigilance they maintain among themselves, are inscribed in a common framework to expose the extent of domination, to question, to provoke debate. Drawings, installations, sculptures, photographs, video, in a tragic, ironic or rebellious way, WE ARE invites us to take a step back from the discourses and representations that motivate political obscurantism, stimulate financial greed or accentuate social social isolation. The exhibition takes the measure of the great hall of the Tanneries which serves as its setting.

Curators : Sammy Engramer and Guillaume Lasserre

Artists : Marielle Chabal, Sammy Engramer, Laurent Lacotte, Michèle Magema, Ibrahim Meïté Sikely, Myriam Mihindou, Bojana Nikcevic, Audrey Terrisse, Laure Tixier, Lassana Sarre, Le Nouveau ministère de l’agriculture.



Opening Saturday 4.02.23 from 2.30pm
Exhibition from 4.02 > 16.04
Wednesdays to Sundays
2.30pm > 6pm
Free entrance

Les Tanneries
234, rue des Ponts
45200 Amilly (FR)


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