Solo show
Centre d'Art Contemporain du Luxembourg Belge, Buzenol (BE)

Lucile Bertrand


“Traversées” is a solo presentation by Lucile Bertrand at CACLB (art center of the Belgian Luxembourg).

The show highlights the links between her own works and objects of the Musée Gaumais in Virton, whose collections range from fine arts to industrial arts, customs and beliefs, ethnography and anthropology. Lucile Bertrand works with the generous desire to reveal some of the museum’s gems through traces of their absence. Her hollowed-out moulds, like the objects, arranged or shaped, are poetic and semantic propositions that speak of emotion, of what remains when everything has disappeared. With the intention of helping us cross the boundaries of time and space, Lucile Bertrand installs strips of openwork linen, unfurled, which represent the three borders and bear witness to their porosity, their movement. The visitor crosses them as fraudsters used to cross borders, under the nose of customs officers.


Through her installation of openwork linen panels, FROM TO, Lucile Bertrand invites us to cross the border. Or rather, the borders. She has drawn the current French and Luxembourg borders that border the Gaume and Gaume and Lorraine, but also the more ancient ones, which have repeatedly reshaped the contours of the region, which is situated at the heart of a turbulent history.

In doing so, the artist also invites us to question what is at stake around this border, considered as much as a place of passage and exchange as and exchange as well as a place of closure and suffering. What does it mean to be from to be from here or there?

The region has always been crossed, in a peaceful way or not, by the movement of people. Laying on the ground near an ambush bed, glass bags in which traces of memories seem to remain, remind us that people with only a bag have indeed come and gone, and still come, to seek refuge on either side of the same border where wine and tobacco were exchanged under the noses of the customs officers.

We will also discover the presence of hollowed-out hands seen in both the Lapidary Museum and the Musée Gaumais in Virton, and which synthesize in our eyes all these external contributions that have helped to transform, enrich and complicate what is the very essence of Belgium. In addition, moulds from the reserves of the Musée Gaumais witness Gallo-Roman sculpted stones that have had several purposes, firstly decorative then defensive and finally museological, and whose bas-reliefs (originals and copies) can be admired in the Lapidary Museum and on the fortified site at the top of the hill.



Opening 10.09.22
Saturday to Sunday, 2pm > 6pm
or by appointment
until Sunday 23.10.22

Centre d’Art Contemporain du Luxembourg belge
Site de Montauban-Buzenol
Rue de Montauban
6743 Etalle (BE)


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