Todas las Ítacas

Group show
Centro de Arte Contemporáneo Rafael Botí, Córdoba (ES)

Guillermo Mora

Todas las Ítacas is the story of each of the scholarship holders who emerged with the Botí Foundation’s support. Young creators who began their creative lives with all their dreams on their side. The world awaited them. Exploring the paths they took, appreciating the works that emerged, the traces they left behind, listening to their stories, learning about their fears, how much they learned along the way, is what drives this project. It is also the story of a desire, that of a parent company that fostered the dream, the Botí Foundation, together with all the reasons to encourage the creators of a fertile land, in search of a hopeful future. This exhibition shows the starting point, the work with which the Botí Foundation stimulated an initiatory journey, an analysis of the journey experienced, of his work and his motives, which, together with the final works that serve as a reflection, leads to a complete panorama. In this way, a dedicated public can learn from the real protagonists what all the Ítacas mean.

Curator : Paco Pérez Valencia



Opening Friday 3.03.23
Tuesday to Saturday, 10am > 8.30pm
Sunday, 10am > 2pm
Exhibition until Sunday 16.04.23

Centro de arte Rafael Botí
Manríquez, 5.
14003 Córdoba (PT)