Time and Tide

Group show
Ter Posterie, Roeselare (BE)

Stijn Cole

The corona crisis and global measures have had a huge impact on our society and have brought us face to face with our own mortality and powerlessness.

City of Roeselare wanted to place a work of art in the public space as a reminder of this period. In the end of 2020, the city issued a general call to artists to make proposals on how we might transform grief and loss into art. With Fluctus by Tinus Vermeersch, the city did not choose a grand memorial, but a simple sculpture that evokes mourning and reflection, a place where hope lives. With this work that may evoke memories, we are reminded that as humans we are subject to forces of nature.

After a first round of assessment by an external jury, five laureates were selected whose work reflected the effect on humans in coronal times. In the exhibition Time and Tide, curator Louis-Philippe Van Eeckhoutte brings together works by these five laureates whose work deal at once with silence and nature’s tranquil power.


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