Studio Encounters

Group show
Amphicar studio, Athens (GR)

Panos Papadopoulos

Amphicar Studio is an artist-run space, founded by the artist Marilia Kolibiri, in the Galatsi area near the centre of Athens, willing to inaugurate a platform open to collaborations and ideas within the local contemporary art scene.

“Studio Encounters” brings together twenty-one artists to investigate matters of intimacy and highlight the personal relationship between the artists and their studios. Focusing on this relationship, the working areas of the space are transformed into a coherent exhibition referencing the artists’ working environments and exploring a sense of familiarity that is present in the studio. The collection of works selected creates a narrative of studio visits as they were enacted through the conversations during the curatorial process of engaging with the artists’ every-day life in the studio. Trying to move forward from the practice of simply looking at the artworks as passive viewers, we arrive to a point where it becomes a matter of urgency to learn how to listen to the artists, inasmuch as we are keen to comprehend what both the visual and the profound aspects of the artworks are. Encountering the different artistic practices, methodologies and processes of work, matters of intimacy are coming to the foreground. Τhe familiarity with those practices functions as the parameter that the show is composed of, in order to bring the audience closer to that state of intimacy within the space of the studio.

Panos Papadopoulos considers his work process as a meditation practice. The repetitive actions needed for the preparation of the canvas as well as the production of the final outcome are always similar. His works deal with the quality of contemporary life, space, objects, humans and love.

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