Silenzi d’Alberi

Group show
Villa Brandolini, Pieve di Soligo (IT)


Silenzi d’alberi is an exhibition that stems from a reflection on one of the most interesting expressions of contemporary
art: sound art. The show’s title is a verse from the poem Serica by the famous poet Andrea Zanotto, a native of Pieve di Soligo.
This exhibition examines his poetry, which often reflects on the relationship between human beings and nature.
The author searches for this connection within the landscape, which reveals its essence not only visually, but also in sound. Communication between man and nature awakens and is rediscovered through sound, recreating this intimate and primal connection.

Villa Brandolini hosts 11 international artists, united in their practice by the use of sound, who reflect on their relationship with nature, seen as both a landscape and a single natural element.
From veterans to younger experimental artists, the authors present works (some of which are site specific) which together provide an overview of the different uses of sound in art: field recordings, data sonification, sound visualization, kinetic sculptures, electromagnetic induction, interactive sculptures, electrical transduction, the
kinetic force of sound waves, and randomized sound.

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