Sculpture in the City 2021

Group show
Leadenhall Market / 70 Gracechurch Street, London (UK)

Tatiana Wolska


Sculpture in the City is London’s annual programme of public artworks placed amidst the iconic architecture of the City Cluster since 2011. Launched in June 2021, the 10th Edition presents a curated selection of 130 sculptural works that animate the unique architecture of the financial district. Spanning 100 Bishopsgate to Leadenhall Market, Fenchurch Street Station Plaza to Mitre Square, this year’s edition will bring contemporary artworks to the famous buildings and public spaces of the City. Sculptures and installations will be on display for an entire year.

Visitors can dicover a new iteration of a Tatiana Wolska’s organic red sculptures. This vivid red aerial sculpture in two parts is created using cut, perforated and fused recycled plastic bottles, and suspended as if infecting its environment, one part in Leadenhall Market, and the other on the façade of 70 Gracechurch Street.

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