Ragione e Sentimento

Group show
GNAM - Galleria Nazionale d'Arte Moderna, Rome (IT)

Alessandro Piangiamore

The exhibition Ragione e Sentimento, curated by Chiara Stefani and Massimo Minnini, will show the works Le XXX sorelle (se Roma non brucia), by Alessandro Piangiamore, which are present in Galleria Nazionale’s collection.


The exhibition reflects the physiognomy of the collections of Galleria Nazionale, with a particular focus on 19th century. The title, borrowed from the novel by Jane Austen Sense and Sensibility, evokes, in its dichotomy, a complexity deeply rooted in history. The exhibition will show about 40 works from the collections of the Gallery among which stand out works by Tranquillo Cremona, Domenico Morelli, Giacomo Favretto, Medardo Rosso alongside works by contemporary artists such as Emanuele Becheri, Alessandro Piangiamore and Barbara Probst. “The exhibition, as the synthesis of a novel – writes Cristiana Collu, Director of the National Gallery – focuses on a strategic game of expressed language and silence, with the aim to present in absentia everything that cannot be told. The viewer must read between the lines and remember what he knows, to obtain knowledge but also awake an important imaginary which goes through history, literature and art.”


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