Público/Privado – Doce Calma ou Violência Doméstica?

Group show
Centro de Artes de Sines, Sines (PT)

José Pedro Croft
Fernanda Fragateiro


The Center of Arts of Sines presents the exhibition “Público/Privado – Doce Calma ou Violência Doméstica?” (Public/private – Sweet Calm or Domestic Violence?),  curated by Miguel Sousa Ribeiro. The exhibition joins works of 24 artists, including Fernanda Fragateiro and José Pedro Croft.

As stated in the curator’s text, “the Public/Private statute is evident in this selection and numerous works are refering directly to this subject, such as the dichotomous work of Fernanda Fragateiro “Público/Privado, Doce Calma ou Violência Doméstica”. This work served as the motto for the title of the exhibition, to which was added a question mark, “because in a set of works so wide”, writes Miguel Sousa Ribeiro, “more than assert, we want to question and enable the individual subjectivity of answers”.

The exhibition is structured in a sequence of exhibitions subnuclei that aim to explore the articulations between a set of works and the architectural circumstances of the Sines Arts Center, namely, its openness and breadth, which enhance the dialogue.

The exhibition can be visited until October 18th, 2020.


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