Collectif Hic Sunt – résidence à L’Escaut

Group show
L'Escaut Architectures, Brussels (BE)

Lucile Bertrand

From June 15th till June 23rd the collective Hic Sunt and visual artist Bruno Goosse, both in residency at L’Escaut for this month, will reflect on the verb “camper”, in connection with the architecture studio hosting them, and propose a four-moment show with lectures and video-projections, each one followed by a discussion.

Here is the program:
– On the night of June 15th, Anna Guilló presents “Je n’irai pas boire du Spritz à Venise”.
– On June 17th, Lucile Bertrand presents a projection of “amnesia” (52 minutes).

About Lucile Bertrand’s projection

“In twelve sequences and twelve languages, Amnesia pays tribute to the poets and writers who preserve the memory of what some are trying to forget or even deny. In order to brIng back more than just the memory of some past or still open conflIcts — in Rwanda, Greece, Turkey, Cambodia, Syria, Russia, South Africa, former Yugoslavia, among American Indians and the nuclear dIsaster in Japan —, on one side of a split screen, a series of narrators say or read excerpts from contemporary literature, while on the other side, a witness-dancer listens and reacts throughout the video.”

– Lucile Bertrand

– On June 19th Bruno Goosse presents “De Waterloo à Tervuren, l’effet du classement”.
– On June 22nd Katrin Gattinger presents “Quand le fil barbelé persiste dans le mobilier urbain”.
– On June 23rd the Collective presents the stage in improvisation “L’improvisation, un outil precieux au service de l’acteur”, animated by Janick Daniels.

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