Group show
Galerie LRS52, Liège (BE)

Bernard Villers

As part of its annual theme, l’Émulation is delighted to be hosting one of the two parts of the group exhibition POINT(S). It is curated by Daniel DUTRIEUX, who is presenting the other part at the LRS52 gallery, a space dedicated to contemporary art. Bernard Villers will present a performance as well as a video created in partnership with two students from the Liège Fine Arts School.

The curator, Daniel Dutrieux, introduces the exhibition:

“To find out more
We don’t know the shape of a dot. From an objective point of view, it doesn’t have one. But on closer inspection… could it be a question of how we look at it? The first to cast doubt was undoubtedly the painter Vassili Kandinsky, who listed a dozen point shapes in his book “Point, Line, Plane”, published in 1926. Jean Dubuffet’s collection of footprints revealed the geological and cosmic diversity in the lithographs that made up “Les Phénomènes”, which he published from 1958 to 1962. For almost 40,000 years, man has been communicating with dots. On the walls of decorated caves, myriads of dots dot the space, either singly, in lines or forming images. The cup stones, the petroglyphs that have dotted the Alps since the Upper Palaeolithic, are enigmas that both amaze and question.
What if there were as many shapes of dots as there are varieties of snowflakes or shapes of stars in the immensity of the heavens? While one dot is enough in Jacques Charlier’s recent work – a subtle reference to Francis Picabia’s dot period – Pol Bury has ‘softened’ them to the point of counting 154 in black and white. Bernar Venet positions nearly 300 of them in “Déploiement aléatoire de points”, produced in 1984 at the Musée d’Art moderne de Villeneuve-d’Ascq and reactivated for Point(s) at the LRS52 gallery, while a selection of dots by Joëlle Tuerlinckx will be displayed in the windows of the Société libre d’Émulation. The exhibition will occupy both spaces from 3 September to 1 October 2023, bringing together 27 artists around and about the point.”

Artists: Priscilla Beccari, Lauriane Belin, Julien Blaine, Marie Braun & Quentin Rémi, Emmanuel Breteau, Pol Bury, Veronique Caye, Jacques Charlier, Luc Coeckelberghs, Werner Cuvelier, Sylvain Delbecque, Damien Dion, Jean Dubuffet, Emmanuel Dundic, Wilfried Huet, Djos Janssens, Michel Mazzoni, Alain Paiment, Joëlle Tuerlinckx, Marilou Van Lierop, Bernar Venet, Bernard Villers, Léon Wuidar,…



Performance Colourful Moving Points / indoor on Sunday 27.08.23, 3pm > 5pm at Musée de la Boverie

Opening Sunday 3.09.23
11am > 1pm at Galerie LRS52
3pm > 6pm at Société libre d’Émulation
Thursdays to Saturdays, 2pm > 6pm
Exhibition until Sunday 1.10.23

Galerie LRS52
Rue Lairesse 52
4020 Liège (BE)

Société libre d’Émulation
Rue Charles Magnette, 9
4000 Liège (BE)