Pitching itself a tent where all may enter

Group show
Quetzal Art Center, Vidigueira (PT)

Fernanda Fragateiro

Quetzal Art Center proudly presents the group exhibition Pitching itself a tent where all may enter.
With works by Hugo Canoilas, Fernanda Fragateiro, Marta Mateus, Rui Moreira, António Poppe, Bert Teunissen, Francisco Tropa, Maria Ana Vasco Costa and Stephen Wilks.
Curated by Aveline de Bruin and Luiza Teixeira de Freitas.

In Fernanda Fragateiro’s work, “Process”, research and artistic practice, archaeology and sculpture, architecture and community coincide. The work assembles collages of “remnants” from the ‘Bairro 6 de Maio’ neighbourhood, which the artist collected, assembled, and revived. She did so in the physical sense, collecting scaffolding, stones or cement, but keeping the question in mind – what are in fact the “remnants” of a community? Where lay the footprints of the conversations, the companionships, the routines of the ‘Bairro 6 de Maio’ community? Perhaps by listening to the work of Fragateiro and seeing through it, we will be able to re-enter the neighbourhood, smile at people and hear their stories. The piece that, at first sight, looks like a sketch for something, the start or end of a scaffolding in construction or, who knows, a ruin of something to be, will invite whoever comes across to hear its secrets, in addition to being dazzled by the technique that underlies it. It will stand in dialogue not only with the other works in the room but also within itself, through itself.


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