Pintura sem Fim

Group show
Brotéria, Lisboa (ES)

Rui Calçada Bastos


Painting without end wants to celebrate an encounter of different practices of this artistic discipline. It brings together works of painting executed on canvas, its traditional pictorial support. Since the 15th century, with the development of movable painting, the canvas translates a unique materiality as an element of great condensation and propagation of culture.

Revisiting, ironically, the typical exhibition modes of the Salon de peinture et de sculpture in late 17th century Paris, painting, as an irrevocable and infinite element, is brought together in the times and geographies of the visual arts. Pintura sem fim brings to the surface, in Jackson Pollock’s formulation, the “energies, movements and other inner forms” of painting today, among a selection of exemplary elements of the most diverse varieties and provenances.



Opening Thursday 19.01.23, 6.30pm > 8.30pm
Monday to Saturday, 10am > 6pm
Saturday and Sunday, variable hours
Exhibition until Wenesday 15.02.23

R. São Pedro de Alcântara 3
1250–237 Lisboa, Portugal


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