Out of the Box

Group show
Klub Solitaer / Galerie Hinten, Chemnitz (DE)

Gauthier Hubert


The europallet, a standardized transport format in Europe, becomes the medium for an unconventional project that brings together contemporary artworks from opposite parts of Europe. Klub Solitaer sent two euro-boxes to two curators linked to exhibition spaces in Eastern and Western Europe, where they were loaded with works. After returning the filled boxes, they organized a joint exhibition of the works received thanks to this artistic exchange. The aim is to open up a space for discussion between curators, to explore the perspectives and experiences generated by these pan-European associations.

For its 2022 edition, the project is a dialogue between curator Filip Luyckx (Brussels) and curator Ljudmila Stratimirović (Belgrade). Ljudmila Stratimirović is an artist and designer by training, as well as the initiator and artistic director of the Art Weekend Belgrade festival. Currently, she is curator and director of the visual arts department at Grad Center. The cultural center organizes various events focusing on cultural participation and international artistic exchange. Filip Luyckx curates exhibitions in various art spaces in Belgium. Since 1994, he has curated the Sint Lukas gallery, dedicated to the dissemination of contemporary artistic research and the promotion of young artists.

Artists: Rob Buelens, Gauthier Hubert, Mathis Bergez, Joëlle Dubois, Stephan Balleux, Emilija Terzic, Tamara Tasić, Yao Wang, Daliborka Djuric, Aleksandar Rakezic


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