One+ One+ : Elsewhere

Duo show
CCN, Namur (BE)

Lucile Bertrand


This fourth contemporary art exhibition in the One+One+ cycle is another engaging conversation between the works of two artists: Lucile Bertrand and Élise Leboutte. The project is curated by Yves Depelsenaire.
Lucile Bertrand is a French artist (based in Brussels) who patiently constructs, through drawings, sculptures, installations and videos, a subtle, elegant and delicate work. A floating world, made of suspended time and fleeting appearances, from which emerges, without seeming to touch it, the singular clarity of a line as clear as the flight of a bird. And also the sharpness of a statement where ethics and politics are combined with aesthetics.
Élise Leboutte, born in Dinant, lives and works in Brussels. Her paintings are discovered as the site of an intense meditative experience through colour and light. A light that always seems to emanate from the work itself, as through a stained glass window. The painting is abstract, but the experience could not be more concrete.

A delicate musicality emanates from the works of Lucile Bertrand and Élise Leboutte. An atmosphere which, in both, combines the “je ne sais quoi” and the “almost nothing” dear to Vladimir Jankélévitch with the transparent clarity of a Mozart aria. – Yves Depelsenaire

On the occasion of the opening of the Elsewhere exhibition by the duo Elise Leboutte and Lucile Bertrand, part of the One+ One+ cycle, Lucile Bertrand invites Johanne Saunier and Eléonore Lemaire – Ballets Confidentiels – to perform for the first time a series of seven scores of bird songs written and drawn without musical notes, entitled ‘Singing like birds’.
These scores will be shown in the exhibition Elsewhere and interpreted spatially and vocally by these two singers, Johanne Saunier, also a dancer and choreographer, and the soprano Eléonore Lemaire.



“Elsewhere, dialogue artistique au CCN de Namur dès le 9 février”, Maïna Boutmin in RTBF, 2023 (FR)


Opening Wednesday 8.02.23 at 7pm
Exhibition from 9.02 to 2.04
Wednesdays to Sundays

Centre Culturel de Namur
Traverse des Muses 18
5000 Namur (BE)


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