O Outro como epifania do belo

Group show
Igreja de São Roque, Largo Trindade Coelho, Lisbon (PT)

Fernanda Fragateiro
Pedro A.H. Paixão


Retracing an itinerary through the main spaces of the São Roque cultural center, the exhibition “The Other as an epiphany of the beautiful” appears as a response to the idea of hospitality as welcoming the culture of  another. Based on a sensibilty to importance of public spaces, the theme of the exhibition echoes the practices inherited from authors who presented works of art as tools of subversion, proposing them as implements of shared communal experience while still being vehicles of intimacy.

Gesto essencial, by Fernanda Fragateiro, is a work that wants to reveal “an operation where the act of adding is inseparable from the act of subtracting”. It was inspired by “the need to empty before refilling, as a way to give way to the other” in the Trindade Coelho street.

A Sagração da Água, a drawing and sound installation by Pedro A. H. Paixão in the Church of St. Roque, wasmade in Milan in the aftermath of a severe period of confinement. It proposes a delicate meditation that extracts us from the strange reality we are going through.


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