Group show
La Maison des Arts, Schaerbeek (BE)

Lucile Bertrand
Tatiana Wolska


Invited by Claire Leblanc, curator of the exhibition and director of the Ixelles Museum (BE), Lucile Bertrand presents the sculpture “Temps suspendu”. This aerial structure reminds us how much, despite all its beauty and mysteries, our world survives in an unstable balance, just as our knowledge and certainties are unstable and fragile.

Tatiana Wolska built two site specific installations. The first one, “Un passage sans attentes”, invades the space of the library, creating organic shapes and volumes that evoke contradictory sensations of heaviness and lightness, of movement and stillness, of transparency and loss of reference points. The second installation, placed in the garden, is entitled “Prototype d’une architecture/sculpture sociale mobile à diffuser dans nos villes”.



Clouds… This natural phenomena is the subject of daily scientific and popular interest under the meteorological prism, but they also have a very broad status as “poetic objects”. Clouds fascinate, invite contemplation and day-dreaming. Countless poets, writers and artists are inspired by them and enhance their many characteristics: transience, lightness, ascent, metamorphosis, movement, evanescence, transparency, opacity, gentleness, threat…

Their range of colour, shape and light is infinite – expressions of the divine, signs of something beyond, decorative subjects or sources of aesthetic inspiration – clouds have been a prominent feature of artistic representations for centuries. Even today, while climate and environmental issues are at the heart of societal issues, they are a prolific topic with many potentialities.

Presenting a selection of artists who are mostly active on the Belgian contemporary art scene and are addressing the theme of the cloud in a recurring or occasional way, the exhibition is above all an invitation to dream, to escape and to take flight.


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