No modulor no more

NO MODULOR, NO MORE | Sculpture Today

Group show
Sint Niklaas Academie, Sint Niklaas (BE)


The direct reason for this exhibition NO MODULOR NO MORE is the substantial change in the option sculpting and the complete renewal of the teaching staff for the last two years.

The exhibition will offer an overview of what formal and substantive lives within contemporary sculpture, with a focus on figuration. Reality is transformed into a diverse palette of personal interpretations by known and lesser known artists. The material used ranges from ancient sculptor materials such as wood and stone to mixtures of epoxy and iron filings. An open view on the environment, the human form and marriage in the context of the Square Room, Annex and the garden.

With works by Caroline Coolen, Anton Cotteleer Paul Gees, Warre Mulder, Sofie Muller, Nadia Naveau, Paul Perdieus Ruben Podevyn, Michael Pycke, Edith Ronse, Evelyne Roose, Roeland Tweelinckx, Jan Van den Bosch, Bart Van Dijck, Niko Van Stichel and Lut Vandebos, Luk Van soom, Joshua Wechsler.