Michèle Magema: Body Performed

Solo show
Aurora Picture Show, Houston (US)

Michèle Magema

Artist Michèle Magema in attendance

Multidisciplinary artist Michèle Magema transforms histories through explorations of her Congolese and French identity and the use of her body as a metaphorical connection. Bridging personal and shared narratives, her work engages with culture, politics, colonialism, feminism, and identity. Magema will present her live performance Les mots mouillés (Wet Words), screen a selection of her videos (including Fleurs de Lys, Derrière la Mer, and The Type of Power), and engage in a conversation with curator Mary Magsamen and Rice University Professor Jacqueline Couti. This program is supported by Etant donnés Contemporary Art, a program developed by FACE Foundation and the Cultural Services of the French Embassy in the United States, with lead funding from the French Ministry of Culture and Institut Français-Paris, Florence Gould Foundation, Ford Foundation, Helen Frankenthaler Foundation, Chanel USA, and ADAGP.

Curator : Mary Magsamen



Opening 19.11.22
Saturday, 7pm > 9pm
until Sunday 23.10.22

Aurora Picture Show
2442 Bartlett Street
77098 Houston, TX (US)


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