Mesa dos Sonhos

Group show
Galeria Municipal de Matosinhos (PT)

José Pedro Croft

Mesa dos Sonhos’ brings together a group of artists and works spanning almost half a century.

The works in this presentation of these two collections — Serralves Foundation and the Luso American Foundation for Development —encompass different forms of visual expression, spanning sculpture, painting, drawing and installation, as well as everyday objects that have migrated into the world of art. From the second half of the twentieth century onwards, these artistic practices underwent a remarkable transformation or expansion — to use the term coined by Rosalind Krauss to describe the expanded field of sculpture.

The exhibition is an essential device for the intimate and permeable relationship with each artist’s imaginary universe. The presence and movement of the spectator’s body in the exhibition space are the founding elements of this experience.

Text by João Silvério

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