Mesa dos sonhos: Duas coleções de arte contemporânea

Group show
Forum Arte Braga (PT)

José Pedro Croft


This group show, curated by John Silvério, is not intended to be a single means of artistic expression but to establish dialogue and confrontations between different ways of production and thinking. Through dialogue between the two collections, the viewer is summoned to a plurality of universes and aesthetic, political and poetic issues.

“Mesa dos sonhos: Duas coleções de arte contemporânea” joins works of the Collection of American-Portuguese Serralves and of the Collection of the Foundation of the Development (FLAD), in deposit in the Foundation of Serralves. The exhibition takes its title from a poem of Alexandre O’Neill,  poet and visual artist, which presents the table as metaphor of our experience of reality — a place of meeting, of confrontation, of communion, of waiting, and a social space the intimacy of the house or in an open public space.


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