Materials Lab

Solo show

Fernanda Fragateiro

Fernanda Fragateiro gives documentation a poetic dimension in way which is dense, yet paradoxically light in its presentation. The fragility of many of her works is extrapolated here to the concept, to a body of work where the relational becomes fundamental. This is because Materials Lab is a kind of anti- monument, an open or uncovered question that enables various derivations of thought that shape new ways of understanding her works and, in this sense, the world. To do this, she combines the pre-discursive with the post-discursive, positioning her work in the middle to become that which is encrypted, that which escapes us. Like a puzzle without a definitive image, where the void acts like a trigger. Because in Materials Lab, documentation is a work in itself. The artist poses new enigmas with clues that, rather than revealing the mystery definitively, expand it to take the viewer to a series of crossroads between that which is remembered and that which is forgotten, between that which is uncovered and that which survives on the surface.

– David Barro


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