Let’s get out | outdoor art festival

Group show
Kasteel Ooidonk, Deinze (BE)

Roeland Tweelinckx


“Let’s get out” is an outdoor art festival starting this sumer, an artistic journey presenting sculptures and installations in the park of Ooidonk Castle and its surroundings.

This first part of this project gives artists the freedom to explore the interior and exterior of a 17th century farmhouse in Deinze. Several great names of the Belgian contemporary scene are present: Stanislas Lahaut, Stan Van Steendam, Peter Morrens, Johan De Wit, Sofie Muller, Jeffe De Brabandere, Peter De Meyer, Frederik Lizen and Roeland Tweelinckx are joined by Stief Desmet, Tim Volkaert, Bart Van Steenkiste, Maen Florin, Charlie De Voet, Sylvie Martens, Henry Claeys, Lieven Lefere and Isidoor Goddeeris.

The second part of the exhibition will be held in the park of the Ooidonk Castle. The presentation includes a group show of established artists, as well as a tribute to Belgian-French artist Eugène Dodeigne, who died in 2015. Rediscover every corner of the park with Jan Fabre, Jean-Michel Folon, Kris Martin, Arne Quinze, Philip Aguirre y Otegui, Hanneke Beaumont, Pierre Clerk, Kobe and Etienne Desmet.


Open Wednesday to Saturday, 10am > 6pm
Ooidonkdreef 5 – 9800 DEINZE

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