Les variations du possible

Solo show
Domaine départemental de Chamarande (FR)

Tatiana Wolska


The exhibition looks back at fifteen years of the multifaceted work of Polish artist Tatiana Wolska, from her studies at Villa Arson to the present day. She brings together nearly eighty drawings and sculptures, some of which were made in situ for the occasion.

Practicing sculpture, drawing, installation and architecture, Tatiana Wolska develops an approach based on the economy and simplicity of means and materials. Her artworks are often made from elements such as plastic bottles, scraps of wood or abandoned furniture. She recycles and sublimates these elements by giving them a new life, this time poetic.

Between warm-up and exhaustion, the artist’s gestures generate twisted and fluid shapes which unfold in the exhibition space like living organisms. Everything in her work seems to be born from and come back to the line: the zebra of the drawings, the lignosity of the wooden sculptures, the thorny rustle of a nail bush. . . Multitudes of lines – continuous, interrupted or repeated – with their bifurcations, their connections and their intertwining. Surfaces and shapes appear – (supple, flexible), soft, hard, slender. . . The profusion is, free and heterogeneous, the filiations are obscure and sometimes monstrous. It’s a shimmer.

But are they really shapes? There is no results of a previously established research or design. Everything is just events, condensations born of the encounter and tangle of materials, elementary gestures and intensities.

It is therefore necessary to return to the line, which is no longer considered as a line but rather as a trace (stroke), from a vital impulse, from a creative process traversed(crossed) by flows and energies. It is then a cloud of vanishing lines that overwhelms us, making a clean slate of the laws – geometric, biological, physical, architectural – of form in order to explore and clear new unexplored paths, those of variations of the possible.



Castle and park of Chamarande
38 Rue du Commandant Maurice Arnoux, 91730 Chamarande (FR)
Open on Wednesdays, Saturdays and Sundays from 1pm to 6pm

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