Group show
FRAC / Artothèque du Limousin - Nouvelle Aquitaine, Limoges (FR)

Jessica Lajard


Entitled “L’Arbre de Darwin”, metaphor used by Jonathan Keep in his own research, this exhibition is thought of as a cartography of works, objects and figures of diverse origins. It is organized according to a progression that goes from technique to imagination, from tool to fiction, by proposing connections, filiations, analogies between experiences and practices of artists, designers and engineers. Made of passages and confrontations, “Darwin’s tree” displays a fluidity of circulation of forms and ideas according to different thematic connections: the mould, the die, the impression, the influence of processes, the manual gesture / the robotized gesture, the decor, the pattern, the body, the line, language, body, writing, music, sound, sample, ritual, theatricality, fiction…

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