La guerra del tiempo. Proyecto de obras, tercer estado

Group show
Centro Párraga, Murcia (ES)

Guillermo Mora


With the intention of offering a cartography of contemporary Spanish creation, the Kells Collection will show a selection of its most outstanding pieces in spaces 2 and 3. This collection, one of the best selections of current art, is conceived as a way of acting, of influencing its time, of understanding the dynamics of this extraordinarily complex, difficult and beautiful era.

The curators have worked on the themes that occupy shadow spaces on the margins of the hegemonic lines that have been followed in previous years, fundamentally shaped by alterities: gender, politics, micro-politics or the body. In this case, the fundamental theme around which this selection revolves is time. A time that questions the Judeo-Christian conception of the succession of events. However, in this time in which, via Didi-Huberman, we have recovered and recognised Aby Warburg, return is the constant in art, a circular time. It is not possible to understand art without including in the reading of its forms the Greek idea of circular time.

In a series of substantial stories, like all his work, Alejo Carpentier plays with this circularity in which the characters dance, in the manner of the Greek muses, on journeys back and forth, something that would serve to understand art in its terrestrial and celestial transit. The life of the forms conceived by Focillon was a succession of circles that went from the archaic to the mannered form, and the baroque derives in circular movements in the Solomonic columns but also in the twist of Rubens’ peasant dances.


Curator : T20 Proyectos



Opening Wenesday 21.12.22
Monday to Friday, 9am > 9pm
Saturday and Sunday, variable hours
Exhibition until Sunday 2.02.23

Centro Párraga
Calle Madre Elisea Oliver Molina s/n
3002 Murcia (ES)