Kunsttage Basel

Group show
kHaus, Basel (CH)

Michèle Magema

The Kunsttage Basel is a broad-based, temporary association of museums, art institutions, exhibition spaces, studios and galleries in Basel and Baselland. Every year, around 55 institutions invite the interested public to discover and experience the regional art landscape: During three days, a varied programme of exhibitions and events in the field of modern and contemporary art is open to those interested. The Art Days connect institutions, artists and art lovers locally and internationally.



A series of multimedia positions on the theme of diasporic sounds will be presented at the kHaus. The selected artists deal with belonging in their respective diasporas and build bridges with their audiovisual works between here and there, then and now, between the experience of not being heard and the long tradition of music as a form of survival and resistance. The works and performances by Belinda Kazeem-Kamiński, Onyeka Igwe, Michèle Magema, Tracy September and Kamran Behrouz address the question of belonging and challenge visitors to listen carefully.

To answer questions about our own identity, we often turn our gaze to the past. (Family) stories that have been handed down, memories and information from archives are the points of reference in this search. But what happens when we come across empty spaces, when archives contain no clues to our past or even present it differently from the way we know it? What is missing when we don’t know anyone who can tell the family stories? How can we then make a connection, especially if our own history is one of oppression and dispersion? Where and how are such stories kept in the first place?

In the spatial installation “Sonographies 1 – L’acte de respirer”, Michèle Magema takes up the words of the poet Sony Labou Tansi, who dealt with social justice in Congo in his works. Magema immortalises Tansi’s words on brass plates, inscribing his messages of hope in the Congolese earth in this way.

With works of: Michèle Magema, Belinda Kazeem-Kamiński, Onyeka Igwe, tracy september and Kamran Behrouz.

Curators: Ines Goldbach, Dominique Grisard and Nora Lohner.



Opening Friday 25.08.23
Friday 25.08.23, 11am < 6pm
Saturday 26.08.23, 11am < 6pm
Sunday 27.08.23, 11am < 6pm

Kasernenstrasse 8
4058 Basel (CH)