Kunstbiënnale in Ninove

Group show
9400 Ninove (BE)

Roeland Tweelinckx

In times that will be indicated later, it is easy to bring together more than 60 artists. That used to be different. It seems like some kind of overview is missing. KRASJ 4, among other things, engages intensively with the viewer for this reason, more specifically with his / her physical presence and his / her empathic ability. The artists Rik De Boe, Johan De Wilde and Reinhard Doubrawa put together the 4th edition of the art biennale KRASJ.

It seems obvious that when artists become compilers of an exhibition, they make decisions based on their own work, insights and perspectives. That is true, of course, but there is more. They also look for what interconnects these insights, how that can be translated into a temporary exhibition, how these insights relate to the artistry of others. Then they will explore the city and words such as ‘independence’, ‘passion’, ‘necessity’ and working titles such as ‘still life’ and ‘physical dialogue’. They present each other artists and works and gradually realize that there is an undefined cross-section of all those impressions after which one of them tries to put it into words. So you can safely say that 3 x 60 = 180. These are 180 individual relationships to contemporary art, without counting on the visitors. It would be nice if, apart from all the clichés, a temporary but sincere alliance between artist and viewer were created, that in other words every work would receive the deserved attention without ‘passing’ situations. To this end, the works are shown at the best possible location with the best possible care, so that the visitor, if he / she so wishes, can deepen his work and can reconsider or revise it. This is what art is after all, from a prehistoric horse to a self-portrait from Rembrandt to La Pièce by Ger van Elk.

As always, KRASJ continues at various locations in Ninove: in the public space, historic buildings, a café … A former telecommunications building (RTT) will be the center of this fourth KRASJ.

Rik De Boe, Johan De Wilde and Reinhard Doubrawa


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